Jasmine Hao

Ph.D candidate, Vancouver School of Economics


Package Under Development

  • Nonparametric Econometric Tool (Julia)
  • Estimation of dynamic model with continuous and discrete choice (R)
  • Testing of number of component in panel normal regression (R)
  • Estimation of non-finite dependent dynamic discrete choice model with unobserved heterogeneity (Matlab)


  • Aguirregabiria, V., & Magesan, A. (2019). Estimation of dynamic discrete games when players beliefs are not in equilibrium. Manuscript, Department of Economics, Univeristy of Toronto. (link)
  • Grieco, P. L., & McDevitt, R. C. (2016). Productivity and quality in health care: Evidence from the dialysis industry. The Review of Economic Studies, 84(3), 1071-1105. (link)